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Taking Tim’s workshop was one of the best things that I could have done to improve my painting. His focus on light and shadow has given my work life that makes the paintings come alive. His relaxed and gentle style of teaching allowed me to relax and explore new techniques without feeling self conscious. Four days of being outside in the fresh air concentrating on painting was the best vacation ever!
I look forward to Tim’s next workshop.
— Patti, California


Tim Horn is the real deal; a nationally recognized master painter who is becoming equally appreciated and sought-after for his skill in teaching. His workshops are a perfect balance of demonstration and hands-on opportunities, presented in a format that is unassuming and un-intimidating. I’ve attended three of his workshops on both coasts with plans for more.
— Jim, Ohio


Tim’s workshops are simply the best.
He’s so generous with his knowledge and time.
You’ll gain a deeper understanding of values, warm sunlight, cool shadows, color and structure.
Expect some lightbulb moments.
There’s a reason so many people repeat his workshops.
I’ve just signed up for my third. I can’t wait.
— Marney, California


A workshop with Tim Horn is like being inside one of his paintings for a few days. Everything is suddenly more sunny, more colorful…more there when you see the world as he does. Tim shares his easy-going style and thought process through several wonderful demos. Group instruction and individual attention is plentiful as Tim prompts us to paint not just what we see, but what we feel about what we see. Add this workshop to your bucket list!
— Karen, Massachusetts


If someone made me chose one word to describe Tim and his teaching, the word that comes instantly to mind is “generous”. I have taken many workshops from a variety of well known artists, and none of them compare to Tim and his method of teaching. He is very clear when he says, “this is how I work. It might not work for you, but I will show you everything that I do and you can use all of it or part of it as you like.” Then he proceeds to give you a step by step procedure of approaching a painting all the way to completion. While the class is painting, he is circulating among them, giving each member equal time. At each visit, he is guiding you to think about value, composition, design, color, edges, light and shadow. I have never found another teacher that is as generous with their knowledge, or as conscious of treating all equally, regardless of their ability or experience. His professional career as a graphic designer is apparent in the strength of his paintings, and his sense of humor makes the experience all the more fun. Watch out….you’ll get hooked!
— Carla, California


Tim’s worshops are fantastic. Great balance between demos and location painting. Tim is always around coaching you through your paintings, offering advice, encouragement and great feedback. No matter what your level of experience, you’ll fit in and come back a better painter with a solid set of skills. I’ve done two workshops and look forward to more.
— Tom, Massachusetts


The demos were the best … totally enthralling. I saw it with my own two eyes, but I still can’t believe it. A magical experience seeing light and putting it on canvas! On second thought … the people were the best! As a novice painter, I was welcomed warmly … supported and encouraged. And did I mention the surroundings? Monhegan Island, the food, and the Inn … maybe that was the best!
It was all good … you should come to a workshop to experience the best.
— Dick, North Carolina

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